David Philip Mullins

“Whether he’s writing about teenage boys and a fort in the desert composed of stolen highway foliage, or the desultory boredom of a Christmas Eve swingers’ party, or a grieving mother losing herself in shopping-mall binges, or a fight in a strip club and a cache of stolen casino chips, David Philip Mullins flat-out nails what it is to be young and lost in the West.  There are echoes of Raymond Carver here, with wide-open spaces and scrambled lives, and Denis Johnson, too, touches of lyrical and hysterical squalor.  But the voice is a new one, distinct, generous, and knowing.  Read this book and you’ll agree, David Philip Mullins is a writer to watch.”

Charles Bock, author of Beautiful Children

“At the heart of this thoroughly contemporary collection is Nick Danze, an aspiring writer whose sexual preferences take him to various little-known corners of the psyche.  Mullins writes about these journeys, and about sex and the desert, with a wonderful, edgy lucidity.  Greetings from Below is a remarkable debut.”

Margot Livesey, author of The House on Fortune Street

“Every few years a writer comes along to tell us new stories about a place we thought we knew.  David Philip Mullins is that writer.  Las Vegas is his world.  Gone are the glitter and the glamour.  Revealed are the jarring effects of a massive city in a barren desert landscape.  These wonderfully connected stories examine the universal themes of family, loss, sex, and the yearning to communicate.  Carefully written in beautiful prose, Greetings from Below is a moving and stunning debut from a natural writer.”

Chris Offutt, author of Kentucky Straight

“It’s one thing to read a good short story in a magazine, singular and alone, but it’s another to find an entire book of them, fully realized, each one honed to perfection, all drawn together, neat and tidy, into a collection that’s united like one of those great pop albums of yore, producing a cohesive aesthetic experience.  What a pleasure it is to find not only a strong collection of stories but a distinctive voice, clear and precise, and a vision that is unique and new while, at the same time, rooted in the traditions of the form, echoing Ernest Hemingway and Frank O’Connor and Flannery O’Connor and all of the other great practitioners who took the great risk of writing short fiction.”

David Means, author of The Secret Goldfish

“In Greetings from Below, David Philip Mullins deftly explores life in the dark shadows of Las Vegas.  Love and loss dramatically propel his hero from tender adolescence to gritty manhood.  An extraordinary debut.”

Jennifer Vanderbes, author of Easter Island

Praise for Greetings from Below